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STA FatMax Closed Case Steel Long Tape 30m (Width 10mm)

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The Stanley FatMaxreg; Closed Case Long Tape has a 10mm wide stainless steel blade that resists rusting. Its closed case design helps to protect the blade and internal workings and has a non-slip rubber grip. The 3:1 gear ratio provides 3x faster rewind and a steel roller cage protects the case from being cut by the blade during retraction. There is also a corrosion resistant Tru-zero folding end hook for accurate measurements.

Available with metric only or both metric and imperial measurements.

The Stanley 0-34-132 FatMaxreg; Closed Case Steel Long Tape has metric and imperial measurements.

Blade Length: 30m/100ft
Blade Width: 10mm
Accuracy: EC Class II

Weight 0.510 g





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