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Orwell Hanging Vacuum Storage Bag Large 70 x 104cm 1pk

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��Get ready to revolutionise your wardrobe with the Orwell Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags! These bags are the ultimate space-saving and protective solution for anyone looking to organise their clothes.��Using them is easy as 1-2-3. Firstly, fill the bags with your clothes. Secondly, seal them up tightly to make sure no air can get in. And thirdly, use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all the excess air, leaving your clothes compressed and protected.��Our Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags are designed to be airtight, ensuring that your clothes are protected from dust, moisture, and odours. And the best part? You can store your clothes for extended periods without worrying about damage. (we recommend you remove clothing every six months to fluff before storing in the bags again to avoid wrinkles and keep them fresh)These bags are also reusable, making them an eco-friendly choice for your storage needs. Their versatile design allows you to use them for a range of clothing items, from suits and blouses to dresses, sweaters, trousers, coats, and jackets.��Thanks to the hanging feature, these bags are a space-saving solution for your wardrobe. They will help you organise your clothes with ease, without taking up valuable shelf space.��Don’t settle for a cluttered and disorganised wardrobe. Experience the game-changing power of the Orwell Hanging Vacuum Storage Bags today and transform the way you store your clothes. Say hello to a stress-free, protected and organised wardrobe that you’ll love!