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Orwell 10 Peg Compact Sock Dryer

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The Orwell 10 Peg Compact Sock Dryer – the perfect solution for drying your socks quickly and conveniently! With 10 premium pegs and a swivel head, this compact dryer is designed to dry your socks efficiently, without taking up too much space.��Whether you need to dry your socks indoors or outdoors, the Orwell 10 Peg Compact Sock Dryer is the perfect choice. Its versatile design allows you to hang it on a clothesline or rail, or you can even suspend it from a hook or rod.��Made with high-quality materials, this dryer is built to last. The 10 premium pegs are strong and durable, ensuring that your socks stay securely in place while they dry. The swivel head allows you to easily adjust the position of the dryer to maximise airflow and speed up the drying process.��With its compact size and lightweight design, the Orwell 10 Peg Compact Sock Dryer is perfect for small spaces, apartments, and on-the-go use. Measuring just 22cm in diameter and 20.5cm in height, it can be easily carried in your bag or luggage while traveling.��So why settle for damp socks when you can have the Orwell 10 Peg Compact Sock Dryer? Order yours today and experience the convenience and efficiency of drying your socks with premium quality pegs and a swivel head design.