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FAI Diamond Ceramic Mini Holesaw 6mm

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The Faithfull Diamond Ceramic Mini Holesaws have a tough braze bonded diamond edge and durable alloy body, this gives these holesaws an extremely long lifespan. The round shank is suitable for use with cordless power drills only.

Ideal for tough drilling situations, they cut holes fast and cleanly. Easy to start, with no guide drill required. They will easily cut through porcelain tile, ceramic tile, granite, marble, slate, glass, cast iron, brick/block (lightweight), plasterboard, cement board, fibreglass, carbon fibre, composites and stucco.

Minimal water cooling is needed, simply dip in water before starting cut. At full RPM, start drilling at a 45ordm; angle to the tile, raise to 90ordm; and oscillate during cutting. Dip in water every 5 seconds during cutting for optimal life.

1 x Faithfull Diamond Ceramic Mini Holesaw 6mm

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