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CT Green Tile Laptray

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Sit back and settle down to enjoy dinner in front of the TV, putting together a jigsaw puzzle, or sketching your latest masterpiece. The Creative Tops ‘Green Tile’ Cushioned Bean Bag Lap Tray provides the perfect stable base for these activities. Backed by a soft grey bean bag, this cushioned tray moulds to the shape of your legs. This allows it to rest steadily and comfortably on your lap, so there’s less chance of your plate, pad or even your laptop sliding around on its surface. It’s not just practical though. This large dinner tray features a timeless print of mosaic-like patterned tiles, in vibrant blends of blue, turquoise, green and white. Framed by a gorgeous wood-effect border, it makes a great addition to any kitchen or dining table – even when it’s not in use.






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