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Buffalo 1.5m Pipe and Drain Cleaning and Unblocking

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For: kitchen sinks, wash basins, bath shower wastes and pipes.Vinyl coated cable to protect surfaces around the drain hole.��Detachable brush for dual purpose clearing cleaning.1.5m (5″) lengthWith this claw and brush it is easy to unblock a pipe and wash out the sediment in seconds!��Instructions for use: 1. CLEAR THE BLOCKAGE -��Feed the spring end of the cleaner down the drain until blockage is reached, and crank the handle clockwise to clear the blockage. 2. WASH THE DRAIN – Attach the brush totally onto the spring end of the cleaner and feed it into the drain again. Push and pull the cleaner or crank the handle clockwise while running the water to wash the drain. 3. REMOVAL OF THE BRUSH – The brush can be removed by unscrewing. When replacing the brush, be sure to screw it totally��onto the spring end. CAUTION -�� Never crank the cleaner anti-clockwise as this may detach the brush from the spring. WARNING – If acid has been used already, please be extra careful when putting this coil down the drain as there could be sitting acid.