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Biobag 10L Compostable Bag Roll 25

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The Compost Bag Company Ltd are committed to providing the most environmental products possible, as�ethically as possible.�The raw material for the bags is called Mater-Bi�. This family of plant based plastics (bio-polymers) is made by world renowned experts in Italy. The cornstarch and plant oils used in making the bio-plastics come from EU grown maize. �Compostable bags are made with plant extracts and are naturally biodegradable, so they need a little more care than ordinary plastic bags.They are best kept in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and safe away from young children and pets.They will last up to 12 months if stored with care but will weaken with age, so don’t keep more than you need. If you store them under a sink or in a garden shed don’t let them get damp or mouldy. No Genetic Modification Ethical agriculture and land use. Polymers made with plants. No palm or soya products, no virgin soil or deforestation involved. BS EN13432 certification




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